What are missing from Social Workers?


I see many students being busy, preparing themselves for the university entrance exam. Then, I think of myself when I was diligently reading books for applying to my favorite faculties. At that time, Faculty of Social Work was one of these.


But the problem was…


I knew little about this faculty. I did not know what the faculty taught and only knew that most of the graduates were social workers. At that time, Thai society had not yet realized the importance of social workers as they should. So, I was still facing the same problem. I did not know who social workers were and what they did. In the end, I chose to study another faculty with the same question, who was really a social worker?



But today I get the answer…

Now, I am working at ASEAN Training Centre for Social Work and Social Welfare where I have a chance to talk with Assoc. Prof. Dr.Wilaiporn Kotbungkair, a Lecturer of Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University, on the situation of social workers in Thailand from an academic perspective.

What do people expect from social workers?

” Even the understanding of society about social workers, may not be very clear. People certainly expect us to work in a social dimension, helping people.”


What knowledge and skills do social workers need?

“The key duty of social workers is that they could help people based on the process and method of social work. After the promulgation of the Social Work Profession Act, we expect to work under more standardized social work framework”


What are additional knowledge and skills of social workers?

               “In fact, the entry-level Social Work Course is the most basic one to become a professional social worker. So, the essential subjects are already taught in this level. For those who want more additional training, I think they want to boost their knowledge in working with specific targets or using specific techniques to help them. Besides, Social Work Professions Council has organized Training Needs Assessment. It also shows that social workers today, want more in-depth ways of working with people, such as counseling, Psychosocial Treatments.”

What do you expect from ATCSW?

“A forum for exchanging knowledge in ASEAN is important because the members have both similar and different points in social and cultural contexts. For Instance, our common point is to be a part of many conventions. Therefore, ATCSW will be a forum in enhancing ASEAN Member States participation to exchange good practices of each country to maintain mutual benefits.”


Arrived here …


I understand that social workers are very important in solving and eliminating the root of problems. By applying correct social work methods and following social work ethics.


But what is more interesting is …


How to make the profession more recognizable?


How to promote social workers capacity?


In order to improve


ASEAN people for the

better life.


The answer is …




ATCSW will be an important part in raising awareness of Social Work Profession. Also, being a bridge for exchanging knowledge among ASEAN member countries by developing curriculum and subjects that can boost knowledge and skills for social workers.

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